APEX sports lab is a one-of-kind program where sports, science, and technology combine; allowing for the most comprehensive, innovative sports program for youth athletes.

Not your everyday sports program. We are athletes chasing excellence.
Developing fundamentals. Building confidence. Instilling discipline. Creating opportunities. Becoming limitless.

The APEX difference:
preparation meets opportunity. 

Welcome to the future of youth sports…

We developed a comprehensive, professional level program for male and female athletes from ages 4 to 19.  Our program utilizes a long term athlete development model combined with an emphasis on improving efficiency, reducing injury, and building mental and physical confidence.

By combining science and deliberate practice we are taking the guessing out of our athletic development process.

Program focus:

APEX Athlete Development Plan (AADP)

The AADP provides a multi-stage developmental pathway for an individual’s lifelong experience within the sport. Our ultimate goal is to increase participation, aid in performance, and enhance enjoyment across the sport of an athlete’s choice**

The AADP aims to offer solutions for APEX athlete’s to:

Enhancing all participants’ experience within the sport

• Promoting age-appropriate physical literacy and psychosocial development

• Underscoring best practices for player health and safety, including postponement of single sport specialization

• Encouraging age-appropriate skill development progression

• Prolonging individual engagement through improved infrastructure

• Promoting life-long engagement through mentoring and recreational play

Program offerings

A comprehensive program centered around AADP providing a multi-stage developmental pathway for an individual’s lifelong experience within the sport, with the ultimate goals of increasing participation, aiding in performance and enhancing enjoyment across the sport of basketball. Main programs:

  • Limitless Basketball League (LBL) –  academy-style league for ages 6-14yo (elite and developmental divisions offered.
  • Team Labmade – comprehensive elite AAU program focused on exposure, performance training, skill development, and injury prevention.

Early Education/Homeschool/Private School/ Before & After School age-appropriate introductory and intermediate classes.

position-less training; skills development; develop basketball IQ; monthly assessments; game breakdown (LABMADE only)

systematic approach to improving athlete readiness, strength, speed, agility, and conditioning – while focused on injury prevention   

focus on mental training- improve mindfulness, mental toughness, preparation technique, motivation, concentration, work ethic, positive self-talk and confidence.

strengthens skills like depth perception, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination which can improve your game

providing training and education on hydration, nutrition, mobility, compression, rest, and more…

A systematic approach geared to maintaining the health and conditioning of the modern athlete.

high quality media and player analysis geared towards the proper promotion of our athletes on multiple mediums.


Follow your passion in sports, work alongside like-minded individuals, discover the power of mentorship, and inspire and empower our future generation. What is most important, we’re committed to supporting the learning you need to grow. We embrace a continuous learning mentality, from our staff to APEX families and their athletes.

In everything we do, we’re guided by four core values.


We love what we do and find enjoyment in doing it. Allow yourself to experience the joy in playing the sport you love.


Trust the process. Work hard. Embrace failure. Stay focused. Don't cheat yourself. Never give up.


Integrity is what we do, what we say, and what we say we do. Do the right thing when no one is watching.


There is no shortcut to success. It's hard to beat a person who never gives up. Leave it all on the floor.


If you are interested in learning more about APEX, please send us a message.

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